Getting better all the time

We are always looking for ways to make things better. As we surf around the site we find little things to enhance here and there, and we are always listening to users when they have suggestions.

Over the past 24 hours we have changed up tons of things. Not totally happy with the top menu at the moment, but trust me, it’s ten times better than the one we were using a few hours ago! We will be experimenting with different colot combinations and menu options in the future, by the time you read this it will likely be different than than it is right this minute.


We are also experimenting with different ways of displaying thing in the chat rooms, so bear with us as we try different layouts. Ultimately we’d like to make most of these things user define-able – of course we need to make sure we don’t have ten thousand options and overwhelm people too. Let us know what you experience and we’ll see if we can adapt things to be better.

Sometimes people see things very differently when they view our pages. This is especially try for those of you that are using iphones and ipads to check in on things. We don’t get to use those fancy things on a regular basis, so if things are weird with those – make sure you mention what kind of device and what size screen you are using when you send in suggestions!

More changes on the way! We have started working on options for this location thing, doing things the way we want and imagine is turning out not to be the easy way. It’s okay – we’ll get it working, and then we’ll make it better, hang tight!