Privacy Policy

WE log all kinds of information here. These computer systems log your ip address, time of visit, the page of the web you were on before your came here and the page on the web that you go to when you leave here. These systems log what kind of web browser you have, and computer OS you are using – so many little details are logged beyond when I can really understand. Do know that all these details add up to a kind of browser fingerprinting and profile of you that can be used to identify you and cause you strife in some way in the future.

This information may be shared with third parties in various situations, including in ways in which we did not intend. Please do not share any information with this site, or within this site, even via ‘private messages’ – as the logs of these interactions may become public, or be shared with various entities either for profit or to tattle tale on people for doing things that some people may find wrong.

Do not do anything with this site that you would not want the world to find out about.