Pictures and videos working with new system

We are working with a new media handling system! Uploadings pics and videos and creating albums should be a breeze¬†when using most devices now. If you have an ipad or iphone it would be nice if you would make some screen shots of the process to show it works. We don’t have any apple computing devices yet – but the iphone 8 is def on the list of things to get!

Coming soon will be the live video sharing options – we’ve been testing a few and none of them are quite perfect yet. A new system for live sharing will be coming – then we are set to work on a method to pull a few shots from your live cam and make images from them that you can use as a profile picture.

For now saving a picture, audio recording, or video on your phone and then uploading that is an option via your registered profile when you are logged in.

Getting better all the time

We are always looking for ways to make things better. As we surf around the site we find little things to enhance here and there, and we are always listening to users when they have suggestions.

Over the past 24 hours we have changed up tons of things. Not totally happy with the top menu at the moment, but trust me, it’s ten times better than the one we were using a few hours ago! We will be experimenting with different colot combinations and menu options in the future, by the time you read this it will likely be different than than it is right this minute.


We are also experimenting with different ways of displaying thing in the chat rooms, so bear with us as we try different layouts. Ultimately we’d like to make most of these things user define-able – of course we need to make sure we don’t have ten thousand options and overwhelm people too. Let us know what you experience and we’ll see if we can adapt things to be better.

Sometimes people see things very differently when they view our pages. This is especially try for those of you that are using iphones and ipads to check in on things. We don’t get to use those fancy things on a regular basis, so if things are weird with those – make sure you mention what kind of device and what size screen you are using when you send in suggestions!

More changes on the way! We have started working on options for this location thing, doing things the way we want and imagine is turning out not to be the easy way. It’s okay – we’ll get it working, and then we’ll make it better, hang tight!




Saying Bye Bye to Things of Yesterday

We are saying goodbye to the old things of days past. After much mature debate, we have officially retired the old systems and the old ways that once were here. On with the new, even though it’s not been battle tested enough to be considered tried and true, it is, at least in part of, the future. For now.

I know many of you are pissed that the old posts are gone and the old chat systems have been taken off line. You think the new system is not mature, the old system was solid even if it was a little funky sometimes. The new systems are not complete, and some have not even been tried by the masses. It’s coming though.

One of the new systems is already up and running. The open text chat room does not require registration to use as an anonymous chatter.If you are registered as a member then you get a unique screen name in the room, and the ability to send private messages to others in the chat room, and via offline site messaging member to member.

Future so Bright, might wear snap shades / specks

New groups will surely be formed, and the video / audio chatting system is working, but only being used for verified professionals. There will be a buy time or pay for some many minutes options with the video chat system in the near future as well. These things are already working in our beta testing, we just need to polish them a bit more before they are released in the wild.

We are looking for a method to take a video signal from the snapchat spectacles video glasses and port them to the desktop then into something like open broadcast system then into our video chat platform. Of course if we can find a way to push video through an android and iOs device into our html 5 bases video sharing platform that would rock as well. If anyone can offer some code to make that happen, get in tough asap!

Of course we will keep our eyes and ears open and keep adding new things as time allows. Hang tight for the new, even if you shed a tear for the old.

Hello Dave

Hello Dave. I am here. You are there.
It’s about to start. Some don’t know. Some won’t care.

Working behind the scenes, getting it ready to bare.
It’s the tech part that is hard, but it’s easy
keeping the humans active without being sleazy,
that’s the part that will struggle in this dare.