Terms of Use

Terms of Use

No Sex In the Champagne Room

We prefer that people not engage in graphic sexual chat here. Surely some talk about sex will naturally occur, just like talk about food and other human needs, however we don’t want open hardcore sex chat going on in the main rooms. If you choose to use the video options, or the pro / paid options, then no nudity or simulated sexual acts will be permitted within those areas as well.

No Death, Hate, Hurting

Talking about death, killing, hating, cutting, hurting – none of that crap here. If you hate a certain type of people then do not discuss that here. If you are just emo and want to whine about how you hurt, then don’t do that here either.

Happy Love

Shiny happy people, that’s what we expect here. Think of this more like a formal public place. This is not some hiding behind a mask cloak and hacker kind of sub reddit cesspool. This is a place for people to be polite and have manners. There are places for spewing your rage online, but this is not that place.

Terms of use are subject to change without notice being sent to members. Please check this page for updates.